Wave ‘m to the WorldCup

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol challenged us to turn the departure of the Dutch soccer team from their airport to the WorldCup into a big PR moment.

So we asked the entire nation to wave them off:

Which they did, on our website:

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We got a little help from our friends of Heineken, ING and Albert Heijn

And from the KNVB (dutch uefa) and OnsOranje, with 3 friendly matches, especially played to wave the squad off.

Even all the familiar faces of SBS6 channel joined in

And this is what it looked like on the day the squad departed from Schiphol Airport:

FHV BBDO for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

A brand partnership between Schiphol, KNVB, OnsOranje, ING, Heineken, Albert Heijn and SBS.

Video production by Flincke Jongens

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